MOSL’s services are grouped into the core areas of the Market Services Framework. These services have been developed based on the existing set of services building on MOSL’s obligations as market operator.

With four years of experience operating the market, these have been revised to better reflect the role we play in the market and the services we provide to our members and wider stakeholders. They also take account of our role in building resilience in the wider water sector, as part of our purpose, vision and strategy.

Market Operations

Information on settlement, credit arrangements and the disputes process.

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Market Assurance

MOSL activities and information to help measure and improve trading party performance.

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Governance and Support

Information on how we goven the support the market, including our market continuity activities.

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Market Improvements

Our programmes and projects that help improve the water retail market, including the Bilateral Transactions Programme.

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Training and Guidance

Good practice guides, webinars and slide packs to assist in market activities.

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Market Charges

Information on charge SLA's, invoicing timetables and unpaid balances from trading parties.

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Additional Services

A list of additional and market service offerings and their prices.

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We are committed to publishing our performance against these services on a quarterly basis and will present them openly and transparently. We publish our performance on an annual and quarterly basis.

Annual Report and Financial Statements Quarterly Reports

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