Market Exit

In order to exit the market, trading parties must undertake a series of market exit processes to allow them to transfer or update their information. 

Interim Supplier Allocation 

In the event of a retailer unexpectedly exiting the market; the Interim Supply Allocation process may be initiated to ensure that customers continue to receive their services, but through a provisional retailer. 
Ofwat will instruct MOSL to carry out an Interim Supply Allocation exercise, who will then allocate the Interim Duty Supply Points to retailers on the final list of Opted In Retailers for the relevant Interim Supply Allocation. For more information, please visit the Ofwat website or read the FAQs at the bottom of the page. 

Volume Transfer 

Volume Transfer is the transfer of supply point(s), including all historical transfer of data ownership, from an exiting retailer to an incoming retailer taking over ownership of the supply point. A Volume Transfer should be completed if: 

  •  A retailer intends to sell or transfer ownership of all or part of its business and assets 
  • wholesaler no longer holds an appointment in relation to all or part of its wholesale area 
  • A wholesaler no longer holds an appointment in relation to all or part of its wholesale area 
  • Aexiting retailer applies to the Secretary of State (SoS) for permission to withdraw from the non-household retail market, in accordance with exit regulations
  • The application to SoS will be approved upon wholesaler change of ownership and/or if a retailer or wholesaler intends to change the name of its business. 

The market codes have a process in place to cater for Volume Transfer. This is covered in CSD 0003 (Volume Transfers and Volume Data Update). The process mimics a registration transfer and provides a clear audit trail of the change. The difference between a standard transfer application process and a Volume Transfer is simple. Following a Volume Transfer, all historical records that were registered with the exiting retailer will now be registered to the incoming retailer (the one taking over ownership of the supply point). Under a standard transfer application process, however, historical records are not transferred. 


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