Peer Comparison League Tables

These tables take trading parties and arranges them based on their performance against the Market and Operational Performance Standards (MPS and OPS). To make the data more meaningful, you will see that we have segmented trading parties into five groups and have used a clear colour-coding to indicate who sits in the upper and lower quartiles of trading party performance.

You can find the most recent peer comparison league tables from 2020-21 below: 


Within these tables some trading parties may have significantly higher volumes of meter reads than expected, often due to the submission of AMR reads.

During this period we have seen the restrictions on customers and trading parties, alike as a result of COVID-19, impact on the performance of market standards: some customer premises have become permanently vacant while others, although remaining open, have imposed restrictions on the reading of meters. In some cases the level of completed tasks shown in these tables has more than halved.

It is important to recognise this when viewing the tables and acknowledging that whilst the data is accurate, it does not reflect the market in BAU.

MPS Retailer more than 5000 SPIDs

To note:

  • As of October 2019, Business Stream and Yorkshire Water Services merged into one entity and this is reflected in the table above

 MPS Retailer less than 5000 SPIDs

To note:

  • ConservAqua Ltd have only performed against the MPS standards since September 2020 so were excluded from Apr-Sep2020 calculations


To note:

  • Albion Water, Albion Eco, Coca-Cola, and Waterscan have been excluded due to low task volumes
  • Leep Water Networks trasnferred to SSE Water to form Leep Utilties in October 2020. They were previously ranked 11th and 15th in April - September 2020
  • Sefton Council have only performed against the MPS standards since November 2020
  • Kellogg Company of GB have only performed against the MPS standards since May 2020. They were excluded in April - September 2020 due to low task volumes


To note: 

  • Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Hafren Dyfrdwy, Icosa Water Services, Independent Water Networks, Leep Utiliies (previously Leep Water Networks and SSE Water) and Veolia have been excluded due to low task volumes. excluded due to low task volumes

Wholesalers WoCs



To note: 

  • Unlike MPS, all OPS data is self reported and is not sourced through CMOS
  • Trade effluent sampling tasks, G4a and G4b, have been excluded from the 'Total tasks completed' column due to their high volumes
  • Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy have been excluded due to low task volume


To note:

  • DwrCymru and Hafren Dyfrdwy have been excluded due to low volumes

MPS Regional more than 5000 SPIDs

See enlarged image here.

To note: 

  • The following wholesalers have been excluded: Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Independent Water Networks, Leep Water Networks, Severn Trent Services, SSE Water and Veolia Water Projects


MPS Regional less than 5000 SPIDs

To note: 

  • The retailer and wholesaler arms of Hafren Dyfrdwy and Dwr Cymru Welsh Water have been excluded


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