Peer Comparison League Tables

These tables take trading parties and arranges them based on their performance against the Market and Operational Performance Standards (MPS and OPS). To make the data more meaningful, you will see that we have segmented trading parties into five groups and have used a clear colour-coding to indicate who sits in the upper andu202flower quartiles of trading party performance.

You can find the most recent peer comparison league tables from 2021-22 below: 


The last 12 months have been a period of ‘getting back to normal’ for the water industry as COVID-19 restrictions eased. It has been encouraging to see that performance and task volumes for the most part have returned to, and in some cases exceeded, pre-pandemic levels. The last six months of the year we have seen performance levels remain consistently good overall.

The market-wide performance for each category has remained stable with slight fluctuations when compared to the first six months of the year. As such, there has been very little movement within the tables. Trading parties have seen a slight increase in performance across the market, however, in most cases these have not caused large movements in the positions achieved within the tables that we have seen in the past.

It is important to point out that while there is limited movement in the tables below, there has been significant improvement across the market when comparing the last full year league tables with this year’s performance.



To note:

  • Veolia Water Retail UK Limited have only performed against the MPS standards since May 2021
  • Regent Water is in the process of leaving the Market therefore "Tasks per 1k SPIDs" cannot be calculated as they no longer have any SPIDs


To note:

  • Performance is shown to two decimal places due to the top 4 performers all achieving 99.5%
  • Albion Eco, Albion Water, Coca-Cola and Icosa Water Services have been excluded due to low task volumes
  • Arla Foods Limited have only performed against the MPS standards since July 2021
  • David Lloyd Leisure Limited have been excluded as they have only performed against MPS since February 2022
  • Waterscan Limited has been excluded due to temporary activity against the org-ID


To note: 

  • Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Hafren Dyfrdwy, Icosa Water Services, Independent Water Networks, Leep Utiliies and Veolia Water Projects have been excluded due to low task volumes.



To note: 

  • Unlike MPS, all OPS data is self reported and is not sourced through CMOS. The C1 performance data from the bilateral hub is not included in these tables.
  • Trade effluent sampling tasks, G4a and G4b, have been excluded from the 'Total tasks completed' column due to their high volumes.
  • Dwr Cymru Welsh Water have been excluded due to low task volume.




See enlarged image here.

To note: 

  • The following Wholesalers have been excluded: Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Icosa Water Services, Independent Water Networks, Leep Utilities, and Veolia Water Projects.


See enlarged image here.

To note: 

  • The Retailers Hafren Dyfrdwy and Dwr Cymru Welsh Water have been excluded. LEEP Utilities has also been excluded due to low volumes.


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