August 2021 R-MeX

In August 2021, the second R-MeX survey was sent to retailers. We listened to feedback provided on the mechanism used to deliver the survey, consequently opting for an Excel survey which was more favourable to retailers. We kept the questions consistent with the previous survey to allow for easy comparison of the results and to easily note improvements made by the wholesalers. MOSL also made the decision to not send the survey to New Appoint and Variation (NAV) trading parties this year.

The league table below outlines the average score received by each wholesaler reviewed, ranked by the ‘Overall Service’ column. There is also a second table that shows the movement of the scores received to see clearly how much or little the scores moved in comparison to the last survey.

Table showing wholesaler rankings following retailer scorings in the August 2021 R-MeX. Affinity Water is 1st (7.9 overall service) and Severn Trent Water is last (6.6 overall service).


Table showing comparison between August 2021 scorings and October 2020 scorings. Thames Water had the biggest increase of 1.2 in overall service, and Bristol Water had the biggest decrease of -1.3 in overall service.

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