February 2022 R-MeX

In February 2022, the third R-MeX survey was issued to retailers giving them the opportunity to reflect on the services and support received from the wholesalers they have worked with. This was the last R-MeX survey of the 2021/22 financial year and compares changes against the survey issued in August 2021. The survey has been kept in the same format for easy comparison and the questions remained consistent with the previous surveys.

The league table below outlines the average score received by each wholesaler reviewed, ranked by the ‘Overall Service’ column. There is also a second table that shows the movement of the scores received to see clearly how much or how little the scores moved in comparison to the August 2021 survey.

 Table showing wholesaler rankings following scores from retailers in the February 2022 R-MeX survey. Affinity Water is ranked first (8.62 overall service) and Severn Trent is ranked last (6.00 overall service).

Table showing movement in rankings between February 2022 and August 2021. Sutton and East Surrey Water (WSL) increased by 4 positions to 12th and South East Water decreased by 6 positions to 14th.

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