At the heart of MOSL’s business plan, we aim to make it ‘easier to do business’ in the non-household water market. MOSL’s business plan sets out our key priorities and improvement programmes which have been developed through extensive engagement with our members and key stakeholders. Throughout the process we seek to engage with our members and the industry Panel to ensure the key priorities are aligned to those of the market. Each year our members – the wholesalers and retailers who operate in the non-household market – vote to approve our annual budget which is set out in our business plan.

MOSL’s business planning is the mechanism through which we aim to deliver improvement across the market and in the way we operate. Our business plan is aligned to our strategic priorities and the outcomes we will deliver through our three-year strategy. We track and report against the delivery of our business plan commitments through our quarterly reporting and engage with our members at the annual CEO Forum.

2024-27 Business Plan

Our 2024-27 Business Plan sets out how MOSL will deliver high-quality and reliable core services, as well as a suite of improvement programmes designed to resolve frictions and drive value in the market.

Trading parties voted to approve the plan at our General Meeting on 29 February. An accessible version of our Business Plan is available here

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How we measure success

MOSL will continue to measure progress and the benefits of the implementation of our business plan through our quarterly business plan and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. In these reports we will be highlighting potential risks and their mitigations and where relevant, providing a view on the delivery cost versus the allocated budget for the financial year.

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