Quarterly Reports

As part of our commitment to openness and transparency we provide an overview on our progress against our business commitments and services outlined in our business plan on a quarterly basis.

The Quarterly Reports are published in August (Q1), November (Q2), Feburary (Q3) and May (Q4).  Our current Quarterly Report is measured against our 2021-24 Business Plan.

You can find out more about our approach to Business Planning and view our Annual Reports and Financial Statements online.

2020/21 Reports

We began publishing our performance on a quarterly basis in July 2020 and added the KPI Report in October 2020. Here are 2020/21 Quarterly Reports.

2020/21 Quarter 4 Report 2020/21 Quarter 4 KPI Report

2020/21 Quarter 3 Report  2020/21 Quarter 3 KPI Report

2020/21 Quarter 2 Report 2020/21 Quarter 2 KPI Report

2020/21 Quarter 1 Report

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