Market Improvement Fund

The Market Improvement Fund (MIF) has been established to fund and deliver innovative projects that will benefit the non-household market and its customers.

The Market Improvement Fund was established through the implementation of change proposal CPM018: 'Treatment of Market Performance Standard charges and Operational Performance Standard charges which seeks to use some or all of the charges to fund activities which may address market failures that cannot be addressed through other funding mechanisms.

The first iteration of the fund in 2021 will award a total of up to £1 million to successful applicants, who will be judged by an independent selection panel.

The projects that are applicable to this fund are those which: 

  • Enhance market functioning and benefit non-household customers
  • Cannot be considered 'business as usual'
  • Do not confer any particular competitive advantage to any trading party or group of trading parties.

Applicants can bid for a minimum of £10k and a maximum of £150k, however bids which require funds outside of this criteria may be considered.

Further information on the timeline and criteria of the fund will be available shortly.

How will it work?

  • Bids are not limited to themes - but it is important to show how a project will benefit the market and its customers
  • Applicants must submit applications to MOSL but an independent Selection Panel will review and score the bids to decide the winners - subject to ratification by the Panel
  • Applications must be sponsored by at least one trading party or MOSL, however, third-parties are encouraged to be part of bids.

A full list of criteria will be available in a dedicated governance document, due to be published shortly.

How do I apply?

The bidding window opens on Wednesday 1 September and closes on Thursday 30 September at 6pm.

To apply for the Market Improvement Fund you will need to submit an application form and supporting evidence to MOSL.

All document information will be available shortly.

We are looking for judges

We are welcoming nominations for the Market Improvement Fund Selection Committee, who's responsibility will to be to assess the applications and decide upon the winning bids, subject to ratification by the Panel. 

The committee will consist of the following: 

  • Two representatives from outside of the non-household water market
  • One representative from a water customer group
  • Two trading party representatives - one wholesaler and one retailer.

If you would like to submit a nomination, please read the brief below. If you are interested in the trading party positions, please submit your nomination here. Independent and customer representative applications should be submitted to

Download brief

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