NAPs Data Quality Cleanse

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IDenteq will target New and Partial supply points (NAPS), in an exercise to drive significant improvement to the quality of market data. The project will analyse NAPS to confirm which properties are genuine business connections, which are domestic and should be de-registered, and which connections have completed and should now be tradable in the market. Reports will be freely available to trading parties to help them cleanse any errors and improve overall data quality and create a template for trading parties to manage their own enduring processes to enable the data quality improvements to be maintained.

The project objectives are to: 

  1. Provide detailed analysis on NAPS data quality and compare to the full market dataset
  2. Cleanse the NAPS data and return to MOSL to drive tangible benefits and a return on investment (through increased data quality and reduce vacancy levels)
  3. Provide detailed insight into the New Connections process to help shape recommendations for the future.

 Project updates

In January 2024, IDenteq produced a report with recommendations on how to improve the New Connections process. 

The overall recommendation was to set up a periodic NAPS file review to improve data quality on an enduring basis, to include:

  1. Proactively updating SPIDS from PARTIAL to TRADABLE and / or prompting their removal from the market
  2. Mandating the application of either a UPRN, VOA Reference or a code to flag the property as undeliverable if appropriate, as part of the process for making the SPID TRADABLE
  3. Requesting confirmation that any SPIDS in the NAPS file for more than 12 months are confirmed / assured
  4. Running occupier identification checks on all TRADABLE SPIDS once they have been in the market for three months to minimise revenue loss.

You can find a link to the report below: 

Read final report

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