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This project will deliver a three-month pilot of a central data platform for meter asset and meter read information. Mirroring data held in CMOS, it will expose inaccuracies in current data, as well as capture other valuable information about the meter and its location through the Wheatley Pinpoint Hub and dedicated app; such as meter reads, photographs and on-site observations. Included in the pilot is a trial of Blicker AI, where a meter reading is obtained from a photograph of it, in real time and on meters in boundary boxes. The objectives are to provide large cost-efficiencies, more accurate data and improve accessibility.

You can find more information on the app on their website here.

Project updates

  • The Winners Agreement was signed in December 2022 following a delay in navigating permissions to access market data. Moving forward trading parties can provide data on the meters they own/read after signing a Data Sharing Agreement. Three trading parties have already signed ageements - if a trading party would like to be involved in this process, please contact
  • The pilot phase of the project is running from 1 November 2023 - find out more on page 6 of October 2023's Market Focus. To get involved in the pilot, please contact Simon Murray on the above email address.

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