Project AMIDST (Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data strategic transfer) - a pathfinder to investigate feasibility and benefits of sharing AMI data wholesalers direct to CMOS

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This project aims to investigate how AMI smart meter read data can be automatically entered to the central market operating system (CMOS) by creating an online pathfinder platform that can be used by wholesalers to directly share available AMI data in a standard format, amongst other capabilities. This could improve the settlement process, customer billing and decrease barrier to entry costs for all trading parties.

Project updates

In December 2023, Project AMIDST published their final report. It showcases the findings of their interim solution, which involved testing on an Application Programme Interface (API) for the Medium Volume Interface (MVI) with two of Anglian's retailers. 

It is hoped that the recommendations in the final report will be used in the decision making for CPW142: “Wholesaler Smart Metering Review”, which will change the responsibility for meter reading to the wholesaler where a smart water meter is installed and enable one reading per month to be transferred into CMOS without retailer approval. The intention is that the pathfinder platform will become a standard and will be used by other wholesalers. The AMIDST project has also provided valuable input to the Interim National Metering Strategy, which was published on 17 April 2023, and code change PIP140 "Changing responsibility for meter readings for smart meter readings".

You can download the final report below, as well as listen to the latest update from Michelle Thompson, Continuous Improvement Manager at Anglian Water, from the November User Forum here (just after the one hour point). You can also find out more information on the progress of the project in a feature in September 2023’s Market Focus (page 8).

Download final report summary

Download final report

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