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This project aims to better understand the potential contribution of the nonhousehold water market to the wider demand challenges facing the industry and inform water resource management planning. It will look at testing the value of customer segmentation and consumption benchmarking in delivering demand reduction, which will result in the development of a national consumption benchmarking model that can be applied across the industry.

Project updates

  • In summer 2022 a steering group was formed, comprising of several trading parties and MOSL. Work began by Artesia Consulting in February 2023, following a tendering process by the steering group.
  • Artesia delivered a project update on the deliverables at the January 2024 User Forum - 19:51 minutes in.

In April 2024 Anglian Water published a new segementation method and tool called COCOA (Commercial Consumption Analysis). The tool was developed with Artesia Consulting, with strong support from MOSL and fiver other wholesalers (Affinity Water, Portsmouth Water, Southern Water, Thames Water and Yorkshire), as well as two retailers (Everflow and Wave).

According to the summary document, the schema "provides an improved understanding of water consumption across NHH customers by industry sector:

  1. The Project developed a schema specifically to classify non-household properties based on how they use water, when and how much.
  2.  It looks across all categories, at a national level, without the need for direct contact with businesses e.g. surveys and field visits
  3. It Is free and accessible to a wide audience of stakeholders
  4. Uses an excel tool has designed with the end user in mind
  5. The benchmarking system will provide users with opportunities to identify ‘outliers’ to help prioritise activities (e.g. targeted water efficiency interventions)."

 You can access the schema below:

Read technical report

Download COCOA scheme (Excel)

Wholesalers are encouraged to use the tool and provide any feedback to and

An extension project has been commissioned and funded by MOSL outside of the Market Improvement Fund to investigate the following enhancements to the tool: 

  1. Using ABP data as an additional or alternative to SIC data
  2. Adding building height to compliment the floor area data.

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