Project Looking Glass

Project progress



Provide MOSL with accurate data on the root causes of Long Undread Meters (LUMs) to establish a level of accuracy currently in the market. The goal is to help trading parties better understand why meters are not being read across the country and what they can do about it. 

A random sample of 1,935 externally located LUMs were selected by OccuTrace who attempted to find and read these meters based on the location and customer information held in CMOS. A maximum of one hour was allowed for on-site investigations. 

Of the meters visited, 40per cent were classed as 'Definitely readable', 12 per cent 'Probably readable', 22 per cent 'Probably unreadable and 26 per cent 'Almost certainly unreadable'. A total of 493 (25 per cent) of previously Long Unread meters were successfully captured during these visits, albeit a number of the meters would be classified as 'Hard to read'. 

Project updates

An update on the findings of Project Looking Glass was given at the User Forum in November 2022 (from 1:09:10 here). The full report, published on 5 December 2022, is available here.

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