Bilateral Transactions Programme

The Bilateral Transactions Programme is one of the key programmes through which MOSL aims to make it 'easier to do business' in the non-household water market and is one of the most fundamental developments since the market opened in 2017.

This section explains what a bilateral transaction is, why they are so important to the effective functioning of the market and provides a central location for all market participants to find out more about the process of the programme.

MOSL’s primary objective, as set out in our business plan, is to make the non-household market an 'easier place to do business' in.

The market has come a long way since it opened in April 2017, but many of the companies operating in the market – and the regulator – want to see “a faster, simpler, more reliable way of managing bilateral interactions between wholesalers and retailers.”

From its position at the heart of the non-household market, MOSL is ideally placed to work with its water company members to do just that. Improving bilateral transactions will not only improve the speed, accuracy and quality of service that customers receive, it will also help reduce costs for companies operating in the market.

The Bilateral Transactions Programme is considered to be “the most fundamental development since market opening."

In July 2019, Ofwat issued a mandate to MOSL to introduce a bilateral solution. On 30 September 2020 the Full Business Case was approved by the MOSL Board.

For an introduction to the programme, please click on the arrows below and the animation on the left. We also recommend viewing the Institute of Water webinar 'Delivering on the promise of the non-household market' and demonstration given to trading parties (October 2020). Both are available in the 'latest' section.


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