Business Case

In line with best practice, MOSL adopted a multi-stage approach to the development of a business case for the Bilateral Transactions Programme. This section explains more about the approach, provides downloadable copies of the approved plans and more.

In line with best practice, MOSL has adopted a multi-stage process for the development of the Bilateral Transactions Programme’s business case, this includes:

  1. Programme Initiation Document (PID)
  2. Strategic Outline Case (SOC)
  3. Outline Business Case (OBC)
  4. Full Business Case (FBC) and Supplementary Overview.

At each stage the business case has been judged against five criteria (the Strategic Case, Economic Case, Commercial Case, Funding Case and Delivery Case). The Strategic Outline Case (SOC) concluded that all five criteria either had a positive case which could be evidenced or that a positive case was forecast. Approval to proceed was given in April 2020.

Building on the work of the SOC and the data gathering exercise with participants earlier in 2020, MOSL developed the Outline Business Case (OBC). The OBC concluded that all five criteria continued to be positive, with three – Strategic, Commercial and Delivery – moving strongly to ‘evidenced’. The OBC was approved by the MOSL Board (which includes representation from across the industry) on 27 May 2020.

The Full Business Case concluded that the remaining criteria - Economic and Funding - could also be evidenced as positive. The Full Business Case was approved by the MOSL Board on 30 September 2020 (see links above).

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