Business Case and Benefit Delivery

In line with best practice, MOSL adopted a multi-stage process for the development of the Bilateral Transactions Programme’s business case. At each stage the business case was judged against five criteria (Strategic, Economic, Commercial, Funding and Delivery).

  1. Programme Initiation Document (PID)
  2. Strategic Outline Case (SOC) (April 2020)
  3. Outline Business Case (OBC) (May 2020)
  4. Full Business Case (FBC) and Supplementary Overview. (published and approved in September 2020)

Benefit delivery

The extent to which the Bilateral Transactions Programme is deliverying against the objectives set out in the Full Business Case (FBC) was considered at three stages:

Following the successful completion of the first stage of the Bilateral Transactions Programme (CPW070), we have published the next initial benefit realisation analysis (CPW139), published in September 2023. This report is a summary of the benefits we anticipate the remaining 49 processes to go live in the bilateral hub will offer the market.

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