Bilateral transactions hub - Go-live

Welcome to the bilateral transactions hub go-live home page.

This page includes links to documents, guides and training for the launch of the bilateral hub and first process, Meter Verification (C1), on Wednesday 22 September. At the bottom of the page are links to the following documents:

  • Known Defect Log for reference prior to submitting a new issue or observation
  • Web Portal Access FAQ containing the latest information to help you access the web portal
  • General FAQ containing all other observations
  • Training videos for the bilateral hub and the Meter Verification (C1) bilateral transaction
  • Training manual for the Meter Verification (C1) bilateral transaction

Early Life Support (ELS)

MOSL will be providing additional early life support (ELS) to trading parties between Monday 13 September and Monday 18 October, i.e. in the lead up to launch, launch day and for approximately a month after. More information about this 'early life support' is available here.

Contacting MOSL

Please note

  1. Before submitting any queries, please refer to the Known Defect Log, Access FAQ and General FAQ documents to check whether your question or query has already been raised and/or answered.
  2. As we approach launch, MOSL is focusing strictly on issues it considers to be the highest-priority 'P1s', which the team aims to acknowledge within two hours and fix within one working day. Lower-priority P2s and P3s will be added to the backlog and considered for prioritisation into a future development Sprint. More details of SLAs are included in the ELS support guide below. 

To help MOSL respond as quickly as possible to the most significant issues, we ask trading parties to submit only issues that they consider to be significant (i.e. launch-impacting), particularly from 13-25 September 2021.

Keep up to date

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