Phase 4 go-live homepage

Phase 4 of the bilateral transactions programme went live on Tuesday 2 August. Two more bilateral processes were added to the bilateral transactions hub:

  • B1 (installation of a meter performed by the wholesaler)
  • B7 (retailer requested change to size, model or location of meter, performed by the the wholesaler)

This page provided the key documents for trading parties (see below), including:

  • Release notes
  • Observation (defect) log (xls)
  • Observation log templates for LVI and HVI users to raise any issues they identify (see below)
  • Training videos and manuals (see 'view all')

Please note that the shortcuts below link to the same documents accessible via the 'key documents' section.

Contacting MOSL

Technical issues or improvement suggestions
Please populate the approriate observation template (below) and send to All responses will be reviewed and triaged.

Please note: We aim to respond to the highest priority P1s within 2 hours and resolve within one business day. For lower-priority P2, P3 and P4s we aim to respond the same day and put them into the backlog for prioritisation in a future development sprint.

Access issues
If you are having problems accessing the hub, please email

Other queries
If you cannot find the information you need on the MOSL website, please email

Training videos

Bilaterals Phase 8 training video

Bilaterals Phase 3 training video (13 May 2022)

Bilaterals Phase 2.1, 2 February 22 release video

Bilateral hub User Guide

Bilateral transactions - web portal overview

Bilateral transactions - C1 process training

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