Strategic Metering Review

Many trading parties have expressed concern over the inadequate performance of metering assets and metering process to deliver cost efficient and robust services in the market. Metering has been identified as a root cause of a number of issues in the market, leading to a poorer customer service, inaccurate bills and limited water efficiency uptake. As part of MOSL's 2021-24 Business Plan we identified the Strategic Metering Review as a key improvement programme. The programme seeks to identify and implement a programme of metering-related improvement initiatives with a focus on accurate and timely consumption data.

The Strategic Metering Review will be led by MOSL, but will be supported by a new Metering Committee. MOSL will drive delivery of the programme – but success will require strong engagement with, and support, from the Panel and the wider market. We will actively liaise with other bodies to build strong and broad stakeholder support including Defra, the Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG), UK Water Retailer Council (UKWRC) and WaterUK.

The programme of work will focus on four key areas:

  1. A series of 'quick-start' projects that will develop solutions and change proposal to resolve some immediate issues facing the market (see below)
  2. A range of detailed projects developed with the Metering Committee that will address issues relating to incentives and behaviour, technology and data quality
  3. Associated operational strengthening through better use of existing procedures and processes to improve performance on issues such as long unread meters
  4. More strategic initiatives that could introduce change into the market including a review of asset ownership and responsibilities for market activities and how to introduce new technology such as smart metering.

Quick-start projects

Eight quick-start projects are currently underway, looking at:

  • How consumption data is accessed and shared
  • How to improve the meter reading process
  • Reducing meter read rejections (see analysis, findings and recommendations below)
  • Minimum meter read frequencies for lowest and highest water consumers
  • Standardising ‘skip’ codes (reasons why meters are not read)
  • Addressing hard-to-read meters
  • Improving remote read type codes
  • Improving the way in which meter read data is transferred


The Strategic Metering Review is expected to be implemented in a period of up to four years:

  • Work started on the quick-start projects in January 2021 and the development phase will be completed by August. Implementation may take longer depending on the solution required
  • New detailed projects and operational strengthening will be implemented from May 2021. Other projects will be identified and be implemented during 2022 to 2024
  • Some strategic studies will need to start in May 2021 but due to their nature and complexity will take longer to complete.

We will continue to update and populate this page with more information on the Strategic Metering Review as it develops and as we engage with stakeholders.

Strategic Metering Review

Find out more about the Strategic Metering Review as part of our 2021-24 Business Plan and watch this short introductory video from our CIO, John Davies.

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