Strategic Metering Programme

At the MOSL CEO Forum in 2019, trading parties raised concerns about the performance of metering assets and metering processes in the non-household market.

Metering was identified as a the root cause of a number of issues in the market affecting customer service, the accuracy of customers' bills, trading party frictions and the take up of water efficiency measures.

The Strategic Metering Review is a key improvement programme in the MOSL Business Plan. The programme seeks to identify and implement a programme of metering-related improvement initiatives, with a focus on accurate and timely consumption data.

The Strategic Metering Review is led by MOSL, working closely with members of the Metering Committee, with the support of the Strategic Panel and wider market. MOSL is also working with others stakeholders, including Defra, Ofwat, CC Water and the Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG). Regular updates are provided to the MOSL User Forum.

The metering challenge and work of the Strategic Metering Programme is explained in a series of animations below.

The programme is divided into two workstreams:

Strategic projects

  • Data sharing standardisation
  • Data sharing 'use cases'
  • Making granular data available to all
  • Follow-on work from the National Metering Strategy

Quick-start projects

In addition, MOSL and the Metering Committee are pursuing a number of projects to improve:

  • How and where meters are installed
  • Locating meters
  • Reading meters
  • Meter age and health
  • Data flow and analysis
  • Settlement and billing
  • Improving operational communications

The following quick start projects (QSPs) are underway in 2024/25:

  • QSP8 - Transfer reads
  • QSP11 - New connections
  • QSP15 - Sub metering
  • QSP16 - Continuous flow
  • QSP17 - Internal meters
  • QSP19 - Trade effluent meters
  • QSP22 - 'x10' meters
  • QSP23 - Operational 'toolbox talks'
  • QSP24 - Improving X/Y coordinates
  • QSP25 - Outputs of MIF-funded Project 'NoFloW'

If you would like to know more about the QSPs above, or would like to get involved, please email

Several key outputs and reports from the programme are available in the 'key documents' area (see link above, right)

The full story

Watch all three animations in one, from the water efficiency challenge the non-household market faces, the advantages of smart meters, to an overview of the Strategic Metering Programme.

3.09 mins

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Please note, the transcripts provided for these videos are mostly non-descriptive as the visuals do not provide additional information.

1. Metering in the NHH market

Find out about the water efficiency challenge and the benefits of smart metering to customers, the market and the environment.

1.42 mins

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2.Why all meters should be smart

Learn more about the different types of water meter and why we think all meters should be smart by 2030. Just like Mo.

1.04 mins

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3. Strategic Metering Programme

So all meters need to be smart, but how do we get there? And what other improvements are we making to non-household meters? Find out in our final video.

0.59 mins

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