Interim Supply Allocations

The Interims Supply process manages the allocation of SPIDs following a cessation of supply of water and sewerage retail services by a previous Licensee for the purposes of section 63A and/or section 110L of the 1991 Water Industry Act.

In the event a retailer unexpectedly exits one or more wholesale areas, MOSL is able to reallocate the retailer’s supply points, under direction from Ofwat, in an interim supply allocation (ISA) event. 

This may occur either because the wholesale contract has been terminated by the wholesaler due to retailer non-payment, or because Ofwat revokes the retailer’s licence. 

Before an interim supply allocation event can take place, there are a number of steps the wholesaler, retailer, Ofwat and MOSL must complete. 

MOSL can only undertake an ISA event under explicit direction from Ofwat. 

In order to be allocated supply points as part of an ISA event, retailers must have opted into the interim supply allocation list. Retailers can opt in to any area for which they have a valid wholesale contract and retailers who are a mandatory opt in (please see the Gap site and Direction to Supply Opt ins for more details) must opt in.

Opt Ins

If an Interim Supply Allocation (ISA) event is taking place, MOSL will issue communications notifying the market of the impending ISA.

The communications will include:

  • The timescale and approach for the interim supply process
  • The current list of opted in retailers
  • The temporary suspension deadline
  • The designated date.

If a retailer wishes to opt in or out, they must follow the processes provided in the guidance documents below. Please note, opt outs must be approved by Ofwat.

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