Settlement Calculations

Settlement is the process in which MOSL calculates and publishes primary charges payable by retailers to wholesalers, for the various services consumed by them. 
Calculations use data submitted to CMOS by trading parties, including meter readings, tariffs and standing data as the basis for calculating these charges. Trading parties are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of data within CMOS, to help ensure good data quality. To give trading parties the necessary tools to identify inaccurate data, MOSL has incorporated a series of system validation rules into CMOS and regularly publishes several market reports to all trading parties. 
CSD 0207 (Charge calculations, allocation and aggregation) (link to new code location CSD 0207) details how Settlement calculations are determined by CMOS for each Service Component of a SPID. In total, there are up to 12 Service Components, five for water services and seven for sewerage services: 

Water services 

  • Metered Potable Water 

  • Metered Non-Potable Water 

  • Assessed Water 

  • Unmeasured Water 

  • Charge Adjustment

Sewerage services  

  • Metered Sewerage 

  • Assessed Sewerage 

  • Unmeasured Sewerage 

  • Surface Water Drainage Services 

  • Highway Drainage Services 

  • Trade Effluent Services 

  • Charge Adjustment 

Charges for Service Components will rely on authorised tariffs created by wholesalers within CMOS. For each SPID, CMOS identifies the relevant data from the tariff for its list of charging elements. 

In most cases, if the data is missing, the SPID will appear in the User Exceptions Report (Disaggregated Report Part 4) where the missing data item will be listed. If the data is not missing, the calculations will involve data from each wholesaler's tariff and the data items contained within CMOS and follow the algorithms listed in CSD 0207 (Link as above). 
For example, SPID 302543968XW13 has a Service Component Metered Potable Water, which points to the Tariff MPW_T1. This tariff has Charging Elements Meter Fixed Charges and Metered Volumetric Charges. When Settlement charges are determined for this SPID, the calculation requires both a registered meter and at least one reading against it so that the charges can be calculated and reported in Disaggregated Report 1. 

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