Settlement Reports

Each Settlement Run generates six different reports. All settlement reports are available to trading parties via Jaspersoft within CMOS and a their specific File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. You can find out more about each report below.

  1. Aggregated Report
    This report shows the charges per wholesale-retail pair based on aggregate numbers of Service Components. These values are used as the basis of payments between wholesalers and retailers.
  2. Disaggregated Report 1
    This report gives a breakdown of charges by Supply Point (the point at which services are provided) for water and sewerage services.
  3. Disaggregated Report 2
    This report gives a breakdown of charges by supply point for Trade Effluent services.
  4. Disaggregated Report 3
    This report gives details of meter networks which arise when the volumes of water calculated for different supply points are interdependent. For example the water volume associated with SPID 1 is dependent on the meter reads on the main meter M and on the sub-meter S (as the volume of water consumed by SPID 1 = M u2013 S).
  5. Disaggregated Report 4
    This report gives details of user exceptions which is where settlement calculations have been unable to complete due to data error by a trading party.u202f
  6. Systems Exceptions Reports
    System Exception Reports detail the errors encountered by CMOS when attempting to calculate charges for SPIDs, where those errors are caused by CMOS validation issues.
    Further details on System Exceptions, including examples, can be found in Appendix C.4 of CSD 0207: 'Charge Calculation, Allocation and Aggregation'.
    System Exception Reports are published for each trading party. Both Settlement Checker and System Exception Reports are made available to trading parties via a user specific folder in the MOSL User forum. Further information regarding Settlement Reports can also be found in CSD 0201: Settlement timetable and reporting.

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