Training and Guidance

We want to give you the tools to make it easier to operate in the non-household market. View our selection of videos, guidance documents and presentations below.

Market Training Video

If you are new to the water retail market, or simply want to find out more about it and our role as market operator, MOSL's market training will provide you with an overview of the market, the role of key stakeholders and more information about how the market functions, its governance and some of the key services we provide.


Contract Manager Guidance

We want to give you the tools to make it easier to operate in the non-household market and have put together a Contract Manager Guidance document, along with this webpage to help guide Contract Managers in the non-household market.


Market Insight Training

Using PowerBI Dashboards

Metering Dashboard Q&A

Switching Dashboard Q&A

Intro to the Market Insights page

Preserving Leading 0s in .csv files

CMOS Administration

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CMOS, MO Portal and Bilaterals hub Access Proforma

FTP automated reports folder structure

ITSM Browser Settings - Recommendations

MO Portal User Guide

Agreement Management (Wholesale) Guidance Note

FTP Reporting Login Instructions

NCC Change Request Template

Non-Code Change (NCC) Request Guidance

Recreating Supply Points Following Erroneous Deregistration

SPID Flows Tradability

Tariff Data Upload Guidance 2022-2023

Guidance for Final meter read following Change of Use

MVI Batch Template

CMOS Training Videos

CMOS General Training - Wholesaler

CMOS General Training - Retailer

Reporting Overview

CMOS Training Documents

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Content Outline Interface (Retail)

CMOS 3.0 Reporting User Manual

Remedy Service Management Interface

Reporting Overview training slides

Reporting Training Course Schedule

Reporting Training Presentation slides

Reporting Training Student Workbook

Viewing and Creating Agreements in CMOS

CMOS 11.0 Wholesaler User Manual

CMOS 11.0 Retailer User Manual

Content Outline Interface (Wholesale)

My MOSL Guidance

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Submitting an Unplanned Settlement Run Request

Codes Guidance

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Gap Site Incentive Scheme

Vacancy Incentive Scheme Guidance

Guidance on the Use of Temporary Vacancy

Managing Estimated Consumption using Yearly Volume Estimates

Managing Estimated Consumption Periods of Reduced Consumption Associated with Covid-19

Bilateral Hub Submission Guidance

Tariff Timetable 2022-2023

Performance Guidance

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Using Holistic Reporting to Drive Escalation Decisions

DTS (gap site) allocations

DTS and Interim allocation opt ins

Operational Performance Standards Reporting Guidance

Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG) Guidance

Leak Allowances Good Practice Guide

RWG Standard Skip Codes and Processes

Data Collation Service

Collated Water Resource Zone Boundaries

Attachment 1 - Emergency Contact Details Template

Emergency Contact Details Good Practice Guide

Wholesaler Gap and Vacant Schemes - April 2021 Update

Unplanned Events Good Practice Guide - June 2020

Data Logging Good Practice Guide

Return to Sewer Allowances Good Practice Guide

Planned Activities Good Practice Guide

Meter Reading Standards Market Guidance

Meter Reading Services Retailer Information Document

Disconnection for Non-Payment Good Practice Guidance

Complaints Good Practice Guide

RWG Governance RFI Consultation responses

RWG Governance Framework

RWG Support provided by MOSL

Bilateral Transactions Programme Guidance

Bilateral transactions - C1 process training

Bilateral transactions - web portal overview

Bilateral hub User Guide

Bilaterals Phase 2.1, 2 February 22 release video

Bilaterals Phase 3 training video (13 May 2022)

Trade Effluent Guidance

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Trade Effluent Account Setup Guidance

Trade Effluent Jargon Buster

Guidance on Trade Effluent Charging with no sewerage charges

Guidance for Form GO3 Completion

Guidance for Form GO2 Completion

Environment Agency List of Priority or Hazardous Substances

Trade Effluent Charging Strength Methodology

Trade Effluent Miscellaneous Guidance

Code Change Process Guidance

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Change Process Guidance

Change Proposal Withdrawal Process

MOSL Change Charter

Market Introduction Guidance

Drinking Water Quality FAQs

Contract Manager Guidance

Data Protection Guidance

Natural Persons (Personal Data) Classification Guidance Document for GDPR Compliance

Process for Managing Data Subjects Rights Requests

Market Introduction Guidance

Drinking Water Quality FAQs

Contract Manager Guidance

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