Contract Manager Guidelines

The market codes stipulate the following: 

‘As each of them goes through Market Entry Assurance, the contracting wholesaler and the contracting retailer shall each appoint a Contract Manager, and authorised deputy or deputies, to act as the principal point of contact for all day to day matters relating to the Market Terms and shall inform the Market Operator (MOSL) of the identity of the Contract Manager (and such deputy) should the individual acting as Contract Manager or deputy change, all in accordance with CSD 0006 (Trading Party Administration and Notification Processes)’.

Please note that the information provided is an overview of companies’ market requirements. It is trading parties’ responsibility to be fully versed in the Market Codes.

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Below you will find a list of useful documents, these are all segments of the Contract Manager Guidance document that have been broken down into their respective sections for easier consumption. 

System Platform

This table identifies systems and platforms, what access they give you and how to obtain access.



Here you will find a table that breaks down MOSL reports.


Communicating with MOSL

As the principal point of contact for matters relating to the Market it is the Contract Manager’s responsibility to notify MOSL of any changes.


Communications from MOSL

The Contract Manager is responsible for monitoring MOSL communication and raising awareness in their organisation, and responding within communicated timelines if required.


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