CMOS General Training - Retailer

For Retailers interested in refreshing their CMOS knowledge, Retailers can enrol themselves on to our MOSL e-learning platform. The topics which Retailers can currently enrol for are below:

  • CMOS Administration
  • Maintaining SPID Data
  • Registering Supply Points
  • Trade Effluent
  • Registering Transfers
  • Settlement Basics
  • Remedy

To sign up to these courses, select the link and follow the below instructions (you will need a MOSL's partner account)

CMOS General Training - Retailer

  1. In the Filter Catalogue, change the ‘Category’ field to Retailer Training and click “Apply”
  2. Then for each module, select the ‘Enrol’ button on the course and then select ‘Yes’
  3. This will then appear as an option on your Dashboard to Start

While MOSL is currently in the process of updating and developing e-learning courses, Retailers must remember that these courses act as aids only and are not a replacement for any formal training that the Retailer is responsible for providing and the CSDs. 

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